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Negative emotions only hold us back...that's what most people think. But that changes once they combine! In this game, the 3 major negative emotions Rage, Depression and Anxiety are on a journey through a fierce and unforgiving labyrinth of puzzles. While they would be hopelessly lost alone as they would run wild, together, they can strengthen each other and find a way to the end. So, please, forget me not…

Navigate the 3 characters through increasingly difficult and complex levels and get all of them to the exit! Use basic movement abilities (walking and jumping) and character-specific abilities to do this. Furthermore, these abilities can be combined if two characters stand close enough together, allowing for and requiring a lot of creative thinking.

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For the Future
We'll add Mac and Linux builds, maybe things will be good for the Nintendo Switch as well, who knows? :D

Install instructions

Please unzip the downloaded file before opening the "forget me not.exe" executable.

Thank you!


64bit 47 MB
32bit 45 MB

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